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Interested in a world class career in Information & Communication Technology ?

1- Technical Projects Engineer
2- Technical Design & Implementation Authority
3- Projects Manager.
4- Customer Services Officer
5- Field Services Officer


1- Technical Projects Engineer                                                                                                     How to apply?

General Purpose:
To be responsible for some of direction such as coordination and implementation of specific tasks during the projects ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals.

Job Responsibilities:
• Conduct surveys to gather field data.
• Project meetings to collect and disseminate information pertaining to projects.
• Technical specification review and resolution.
• Coordinate the collection and dissemination of technical information between/within the company and customer.
• Schedule and monitor program activity to achieve an "on-time" result including follow-up with external suppliers to ensure timely response to action items.
• Prepare quotations utilizing supplier information, cost standards, technical information from quality, manufacturing engineering, design.
• Create/review bill of material, detailed instructions for manufacturing process of new part, specification for packaging, external supplier specification to provide standard cost structure and instructions for manufacturing.
• Ensure that project charges are correctly represented for accounting's closing process.
• Evaluates project performance of functional areas.
• Performs work which involves conventional methods and types of plans, investigations, surveys, structures, or equipment with relatively few complex features.
• Selects and recommends procedures or development of methods.
• Assignments involve activities requiring knowledge of standard principles and techniques. Assists in mentoring of Engineering Associates.
• Assists in the coordination of pricing, estimating, scoping strategies for proposed projects and in the development and preparation of technical specifications.
• Prepares designs, drawings, plans and specifications for projects, engineered systems, technical equipment or components.
• Assist in client contact and communication pertaining to specific projects.
• Assists in the preparation of probable construction cost estimates.
• Assists in the analysis of reports, maps, drawings, tests and design project.
• Assists in the preparation or modification of reports, specifications, plans, construction schedules, environmental impact studies, permits and designs for project.
• Instructs technicians to reduce designs to working drawings.
• Reviews and monitors project progress to assure quality and adherence to requirements of contract documents.
• Responsible for control of work-in-progress, ensures accurate client billings, monitors outstanding accounts receivable and collection efforts on related projects.
• Receives instructions on assignment objectives, complex features and possible solutions.



• Typically engineering/science degree.
• Bi-lingual English and Arabic.
• Must possess the ability to read and interpret prints/specs, technical writing, and organizational skills.
• At least 2 years experience supplier interaction.
• Capable of using computer assisted engineering and design software and equipment to prepare engineering and design documents.
• Knowledge of applicable ICT field, methods and practices.
• Ability to communicate effectively.
• Ability to oversee the work of technical and skilled-trade subordinates.
• Ability to handle multiple priorities, stress, detailed work, reasoning, deadlines.
• Available to travel inside Egypt regarding to the job needs

Key competencies:
• Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
• Planning and organizing.
• Communication skills.
• Influencing.
• Delegation.
• Team work.
• Adaptability.


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2- Technical design& Implementation authority                                                                    How to apply?

Job Role:
• The role holder provides Consultancy, Design, Development, Integration and Support professional services and can have responsibility for the provision of technology & IT advice and services to both internal and external clients.
• The role is often project-based and sometimes at customer sites or on a multiple site basis.
The role holder is involved in the design of networks, services, systems architecture as well as the development and integration of overall solutions. Activities will include ‘in depth’ analysis, design (both for high and lower level solutions), development, testing/integration and maintenance/support as well as consultancy.
• Some roles may also have responsibility for financial budgets, development costs, estimating and operating costs, etc.
• The role holder might be charged out to customers as part of the delivery of specific projects.
• The role may also include some project lead or team leader roles and could involve managing smaller teams of professional people.

Business Impact:
• Provide technical/professional solutions for existing and new innovative services.
• Makes a technical/professional contribution to parts of the business strategy.
• Responsible for the planning of major components and for delivery to required time, quality and budget.
• Manages a significant part of design, development or integration of a project, and implements financial control.

• Has developed ‘in depth’ knowledge in one area.
• Experienced and fully competent in own area and can share own expertise and provide guidance and support to others.
• Completes own role independently and with minimal supervision.
• Can interpret client needs, assess the full requirements and identify solutions to non-standard tasks/queries.
• Is aware of internal/external business issues and best practice in own discipline and can apply this to own role.
• Able to apply knowledge/skills to a range of standard and non-standard activities.
• Can take action to monitor and control costs within own work horizons.
• Can identify key issues and patterns from partial/conflicting data, able to take a broad perspective with problems and spot new, less obvious solutions.
• Able to manage own time to meet agreed targets, and to develop plans for specific work activities in own area over the short-term, including forecasting resource requirements.
• Able if required to organise the work of a small team of professionals to deliver to agreed deadlines.
• Can adapt information/style to an audience, able to explain difficult issues clearly and establish consensus to achieve agreement.
• Is able to promote team work, and to coach and guide others.
• Able to create informal networks with key contacts within own area.


Key Responsibilities:
• To lead on aspects of networks/system/software development from requirements capture/definition through concept demonstrators to creating, testing, integrating and delivering mainstream operational products, packages, projects, services or platforms. The work may range from investigating new technologies to developing scaleable and resilient solutions.
• To provide and/or lead teams providing technology & IT advice and/or professional services to both internal and external clients.
• To lead on the development of networks/systems/services for specific applications which can include on-line, real-time networks systems and components using high level languages, database design techniques, operating systems and platforms. This can involve Internet Protocol based applications and solutions including site concept, interface design and architecture using appropriate Web-based languages.
• To modify or adapt existing designs but may also be involved in the design of systems architecture, networks systems and the development (including integration) of overall solutions.
• To demonstrate competence in own area; may still be acquiring higher level skill; typically works with minimal guidance on own area of knowledge.
• To interpret client or Business Unit/LoB needs, assess the full requirements, and identify solutions to non-standard tasks/queries.
• Probably be involved in customer/client/Business Unit/LoB liaison and the discussion and agreement of specifications/solutions/designs.
• To input to cost/timescale solutions/options and manage expectations as appropriate with customer or Business Unit/LoB teams and may have responsibility for setting up work packages.
• To lead on the construction of the service solution and associated service delivery model to meet customer or Business Unit/LoB requirements.
• To manage the application and execution of
security policies.
• To provide design assurance/QA at the system/service level to ensure developments are undertaken in alignment with the requirements/specifications.
• To be experienced and fully competent in own areas and to share this expertise with others, providing guidance and support.
• Could be responsible for managing and developing people and could fulfil the team/group leader role.

Authority/Decision Making:
• Works independently or with minimal supervision.
• Project estimating, including budget costings.
• Preparation of and/or contribution to bids.
• Supplier selection, where applicable.
• Assignment of resource, where delegated.
• Authorisation of capital purchases, where delegated.
• Approval of training requests, where delegated.
• Identification, ownership and management of risk.
• Local team responsibilities as delegated by manager.
• May include providing governance in design reviews.

• Typically engineering/science degree.
• Qualified to be and possible member of a professional engineering/science institution and accredited as a chartered engineer.
• Relevant professional experience.
• The typical role holder may have obtained some appropriate recognised industrial accreditation at typically specialist level from specific vendors.

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3- Projects Manager - Job Reference (PMPM10)                                                                    How to apply?

Job Role:
• Has lead role and responsibility for planning and managing small to medium-sized (please see project matrix for further detail) projects that may significantly affect the organisation at the BU and LOB level. Is likely to manage sections of large projects and will input into the project planning process as a member of a large project's management team. Supervises the work of Project Manager 1s and other project staff and will work with external consultants to ensure deliverables.
• Has defined management responsibilities for project team, not a line or OUC function team, involving people, budget and planning. Has primary responsibility for meeting defined business goals as scoped by project objectives.
• Must have developed communication and diplomacy skills with a strong ability to persuade and influence client and stakeholder relationships. Will interface with 3rd party suppliers, which involves the agreement, planning, timelines and quality of deliverables.


Skills/ Experience:
• Will have had five to seven years experience of leading projects
• Experienced delivery agent with specific experience of delivering to clients directly and delivery of significant products as part of major BT and client programmes.
• Experienced user of, and/or accredited in, a formal Project Management methodology such as Prince2, APMP, ITIL qualification, Risk Management Qualification or 6 Sigma.

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4- Customer Services Officer - Job Reference (HRR010)                                                      How to apply?

Job Role:
• Act as a focal point for all incidents reported to the Service Desk
• Register all incidents on the Incident Management system.
• Maintain quality and monitor service calls through to completion Liaise with 3rd party IT hardware maintainer to help resolve incidents to help resolve incidents.
• Assist in maintaining the quality of data held on the configuration management database.


Skills/ Experience:
• Experience in Service Management tool
• Experience in working on a Service Desk or similar customer-facing Environment.
• Very good in dealing with business software applications.
• Good communications ability
• Good telephone manner
• Bi-lingual English and Arabic
• Familiarity with ITIL Framework

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5- Field Services Officer - Job Reference (HRR011)                                                                How to apply?

Job Role:
• Act as a 2nd level on-site support for all incidents reported to the Service Desk.
• Register all incidents reported locally on the Incident Management system.
• Maintain quality and monitor service calls through to completion Liaise with 3rd party IT hardware maintainer and 1st level support staff to help resolve incidents.
• Assist in maintaining the quality of data held on the configuration management database.
• Provide support to the Projects Officer to release updates to the target environment.
• Ensuring all systems have accurate and up to date information.


Skills/ Experience:
• Experience in Service Management tool.
• Very good in dealing with business software applications
• Experience in hardware configuration and maintenance.
• Good communications ability.
• Bi-lingual English and Arabic.
• Familiarity with ITIL Framework

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- How to apply?

Χ Send your C.V. (with a recent photo) to .
Χ Please include job reference in the mail subject.



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